Drivers – Petroleum Tankers

Job Title: Truck Driver Job Category:
Department/Group: Quest Transport LLC Travel Required: Yes
Location: Position Type: Full Time
Level/Salary Range:

Driver Responsibilities:

  1. Drivers must be able to follow directions.
  2. Drivers must be able to lift at least 75 lbs.
  3. Drivers are expected to receive the proper rest on their off hours.
  4. Drivers must be on time to start their work shift.
  5. Drivers must check their dispatch and make sure it is complete.
  6. Drivers must communicate to dispatch with any changes made.
  7. Drivers are required to wear the proper PPE at all times.
  8. Drivers are responsible for Quest Transports equipment and are required to follow all Security measures needed to protect the equipment from falling into the wrong hands.
  9. Drivers are required to perform a pre-trip inspection on the equipment before proceeding.
  10. Drivers must fill out vehicle condition reports and log books before proceeding. Log books may or may not be used depending on the use of on board computers.
  11. Drivers are to use on board computers and enter all data as directed.
  12. Drivers are to follow all Terminal loading and unloading policies and procedures.
  13. Drivers are to make deliveries following all instructions per dispatch.
  14. Drivers are to follow all Federal, State, DOT and highway rules when driving.
  15. Drivers are to report any safety or maintenance issues at delivery sites. All issues are to be reported to dispatch and their supervisors.
  16. Drivers are expected to make all deliveries in a timely manner.
  17. Drivers are required to follow all Company, Safety, Federal, State and Hazmat policies and procedures while unloading at the delivery sites while protecting the environment.
  18. Drivers are expected to follow all Security policies and procedures.
  19. Drivers are to leave the correct paperwork at the delivery site and at the office upon ending their shift.
  20. Drivers are expected to perform a post-trip on the equipment at the end of their shift.
  21. Drivers are expected to report all incidents, accidents and suspicious activity.
  22. Drivers are expected to follow all Hours of Service Rules and Regulations.
  23. Drivers are expected to follow all DOT mandated rules and regulations.
  24. Drivers are to communicate to their supervisors in advance, as to days needed off in order to communicate to dispatch.
  25. Drivers are required to attend monthly safety meetings.
  26. Drivers are expected to follow Quest Transport’s Drug and Alcohol Policies.
  27. Drivers are to communicate to their supervisors any traffic violations they may have had, even in their personal vehicles.
  28. Drivers are to keep their CDL, TWIC and DOT physical cards up to date.
  29. Drivers are to conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times, as they are the front line representative of Quest Transport.
  30. Drivers are held in the utmost respect and are expected to do the same for Quest transport.

Employment offer will be contingent on written test, physical, drug and alcohol screening, and a background check. As an equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer, Quest Transport is committed to diversity in our work place.

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